Toast to Mrs. Hudson

Arlene Mantin Levy wrote a delightful poem that sounds like it should be in a live theatre skit somewhere under the sweaty key lights, surrounded by the background rattle of pots and pans, the steam off a teakettle, and (very) muffled explosions of a chemical nature from far, far upstairs as two men exclaim in some sort of bachelors’ foolishness.  I read this poem grinning with this in my head–much as an episode of THE RED GREEN SHOW is never without the sound of a grinding chainsaw somewhere in the Canadian backdrop.

Levy is the first of the writers in the fourth volume of the MX book of new Sherlock Holmes Stories, and she was the perfect choice to go first–she does it with a bang, and, wishes us wanting more…which of course inspires us to turn the page.

You may find The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part IV: 2016 Annual

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A Sherlock Holmes pastiche

Prepare for some stories, Hopkins...

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