Review: The Tale of the First Adventure by Derrick Belanger

This is the fourth book of David Marcum’s editorial masterpiece, The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part IV: 2016 Annual.  You may purchase your copy directly from MX (which increases your charity donation to the Undershaw Preservation Trust), or find it on

Derrick Belanger is a relative newcomer to the pastiche and his energy is compensating for lost time.  What we have here is one of the rarer types of tale: a blend of personal recollection into Holmes’ past (such as in MUSG), and Watson encountering this unexpected part of Holmes’ history in his professional field.

And this makes sense.  London is a big city, but as they say of Grand Central Station in New York:  “If you stay here long enough, you’ll see everyone you’ve ever known.”  We just don’t see many examples of Holmes and Watson’s lives professionally criss-crossing as they must have done.

Avoiding spoilers means I have to be restrained in details, but the plot is a realistically-conceived case of hidden identity, and a young Holmes learns a never-forgotten lesson on how much to tell one’s client…and how much to keep to oneself.  It ends on an “open note” so we make hope Mr. Belanger will have a second story where Holmes can meet resolution with the other parties of his case…and Watson segues it all into writing one of the most famous cases in the canon.

Want to read more  Derrick Belanger’s work can be found HERE! Do check out his freshly-funded Kickstarter project, BEYOND WATSON.




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