Lives Beyond Baker Street: A Biographical Dictionary of Sherlock Holmes’s Contemporaries My Review of Christopher Redmond’s latest book

Essential for the shelf. Holmes’ world was matter-of-factual in its use of world players and there were some amazing pseudonyms created by ACD’s pen; Many of them are in here (I did not see the inspiration for Dixie, but that’s ok! I’m sure Mr. Redmond needed to pick and choose!).

The really interesting thing that makes this book stand apart is how when you comb through the pages you often come to an “aha” moment, wherein a subtle thread will suddenly tie in with another. I lost count of the number of “so there they ares” as I paged through. Imagine reading a society paper’s pages for the first time and finally seeing celebrities you’d heard of but not seen until this point.

Buy this for your research shelf…or if you are feeling particularly thoughtful, your friend who loves the genre and has limited time for research. Neither of you will be sorry, but be warned. The mystery-writer may suddenly find an unexpected side effect of reading: ideas!

You can pre-order this book here (will open in a new tab):

and directly from the Publisher itself: (again, will open in a new tab).


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