American Gay Rights

Gay Rights for Americans

A two-layered piece.  I magic wand’d out all the whites (stars and stripes) and placed the Rainbow Flag beneath the American flag.

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Patrick Troughton: The Doctor Who Cookbook

The Second Doctor was a sweet, charming, likable little huggable BALL OF DOOM.  The ‘Monster’s Doctor” or “The Cyberman’s Doctor” Troughton could serve up the chaos with his own given right back to the enemy.  One suspects it was a fun day at the print shop when the illustrations for the book came in…here the Second Doctor is stirring up a kettle of soup with Daleks and Krotons.Color.Cauldron.Cookbok

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Colored in the illustration…I can’t be the only one who thinks Roger Delgado could pull off hypnotizing a fish to jump into his skillet.  Matching Delgado’s wonderful olive skin was difficult; the designers were very skilled at making him look good with his Mediterranean skin and dark hair.

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