Plagarism issue swiftly concluded

The authoress of the marked books has addressed the issue of plagarism swiftly and maturely.  She has frozen the book on the market, and is in the process of correctly sourcing the material, or removing them.

Plagarism is a very difficult thing, because it seems like it would be easy to avoid, but it isn’t always–especially when writing gets away with someone.  While I really like Michael Crichton’s works, I remember his painful confession where he couldn’t remember a key piece of evidence in his book was his own creation, or something he had found in his research.  ‘I had only myself to blame,” he said, and described the exhaustive search for information…which isn’t nearly as bad as trying to find something you had and you lost!

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Update on Plagarism of Erynn Rowan Lawrie (Pagans Against Plagarism)

Today’s Update 02/11/2015:

I posted this to her contact page:

I was recently informed by one of my readers that you have plagiarized entire paragraphs from my book, Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom in your work. I have informed my publisher and would ask that you remove your books from publication until the plagiarized sections can be removed or proper credit given in the book itself for lengthy direct quotes. I will be examining the texts and informing Amazon of this violation of my copyright.

In accordance with the ethics section of your website, I would ask that you offer a public statement regarding this action.

Thank you.

Erynn Rowan Laurie
11 February 2015

It bears mentioning that the matter was also taken to the Facebook group, PAGANS AGAINST PLAGARISM, which is closed, but a great vehicle for getting the word out God/ess forbid you NEED to join, but if you are curious and/or want to help another, here is the link:

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Theft of Erynn Rowan Lawrie’s OGAM WEAVING WORD WISDOM

If you aren’t familiar with her work, Erynn Rowan Lawrie is one of the top world researchers on Ogam and its wisdoms.  Even if you aren’t, plagarism is very NOT DONE.

Erynn writes:

One of my readers just alerted me to some blatant plagiarism of my Ogam book. Lynn writes:

“I absolutely love your work, and use your book Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom frequently in my personal studies of the Ogam. I was alarmed to discover recently that a book written by Deanne Quarrie, entitled Annym Billagh Healing with the Tree Ogham, published in 2009, and available on Amazon, lifts word for word much of the concepts from your book with no citations. For instance: in her Beth chapter she says “use for spiritual protection, origins, precedence, warning, eloquence, creativity, and the deities.” Identical to your linked concepts in the same chapter. In the Luis chapter in her book, she says, “Use for dealing with issues of sustenance, food herbal healing, magical protection, animals, and their protection, magical or spiritual teachers and teachings. Healing ~ reducing fever or in warming someone with chills due to its association with fire, as well as for adding strength to herbal healing work. Questions ~ What inspires me? How do I use that inspiration?” This is word for word taken from Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom.

The entire book is like this, with blatant plagiarism without citation of your book, so it seems impossible that it could be a simple mistake. She even teaches a class about her book at the Apple Branch, attracting students seeking to learn from her about healing with the Ogam, when her inspiration is actually yours!


I hope this information is helpful to you, and I wish you well in your future endeavors.

I’ve sent a note to my publisher about this and hope that something can be done.

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