The French Republican Calendar: The Perfect Writing Meme

The French Republican Calendar is no more or less accurate than any other out there, but the sheer brilliance of its design stands out.  Each day of the year has a “name” based on something natural for the season.

Going to the conversion link, Calendar Converter I put in

1929, October 20th

And found this:

The 138th day of the French Republican Calendar, in the season of Vend miaire, (Month of the Grape Harvest),  the ninth day of the 3rd week.

On the Wikipedia page this is called orge, or, “Day of Barley.”


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  1. Even the names of some of the days make you want to write something. Woundwort?

  2. It’s a stachys, used to heal wounds with some other medicinal properties…I know! Talk about ideas!

  3. So how’s the fic coming along? 😀 Maybe some inspiration can be had from this barley song:

    • Mercy, which fic?? I did a nice one for barley using CJ’s portrayal of Professor Moriarty. It’s on FF.Net under the DEVILRY chapters…second to last one…I wound up doing 2 in all!

      • Oh,…right! *scuttles off*

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